The ultimate Murphy Bed

Living comfortably in a small appartement demands a lot of creativity. A bed takes a lot of space.

Why not use this space during the day?

Remmeries lets your bed disappear.  Without losing comfort.

Ceiling Bed (Bedup, Liftbed) or Desk Bed.

An excellent alternative for a wall bed or murphy bed.

Our products

A perfect solution for tiny appartments.

Bedup bed aan plafond met kader


BedUp® Cocoon is a ceiling Bed in plain beech. Very easy to move with one hand.

With a Bedup:

* you gain 8m³ of space

* you can choose your mattress

* you can leave the duvet or bedspread on the bed

* you have a perfect stable bed


Unique and affordable system, 100% safe and comfortable.

Better than a regular wall bed or murhpy bed.

Liftbed 1d.jpg


Enjoy the pure Luxury of a Liftbed.

Completely hidden in your Ceiling.

Top Quality in every Detail!

Electric System.

Double secured.

Aluminium or steal frame.

burobed R single bureau.jpg


The Desk Bed is a revolutionary Bed System.

No waste of space. During the day a large office Desk. At night a comfortable bed.

No need to clean the desk in the Evening.



Because our bed systems are custom-made and every location is different, we will visit you without any obligation. You can also visit one of our show studios in Ghent and Leiden.


About us

Since 2008 we are specialised in space saving and functional furniture, built around the Wallbed, Ceiling Bed or Office Bed. We are at the service of individuals and architects who need a space saving solution.

For the children’s bedroom, we offer the ideal solution for big families. Also for Students we have fine solutions.

Specially for a second home for leisure purposes, we can help. Thanks to our Ceiling Beds or Office Beds, an apartment can offer room enough for all your friends.


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