The single and double desk bed R offers a fully-fledged single or double bed with a spacious desk and takes up little space. The desk bed is a fully-fledged piece of furniture. Like all our beds, the desk bed R is easy to fold open. Anyone can do this with one hand. The bed base consists of slats. The desktop slides away horizontally. Everything can remain (laptop, books, ...).


For mattress size: 140 x 190 cm and 90 x 190 cm. We can also provide the mattress if desired. Thickness between 15 and 20 cm. is ideal.


price single bed: 1 950 euro

price double bed: 2 200 euro

(delivered to your home in the Benelux, excluding installation)


The StudyBed offers a full size bed for 90x190/200 or 140x190/200 cm. mattress. Plus a large work area (190/200 x 60 cm). The top rail also provides a very useful wide shelf surface. There is plenty of room to attach pin-boards, pictures, posters etc. to both the desk and bed backs.

Matching furniture possible.

In all RAL-colors available.

price 1 750 euro (single) - 2 200 euro (double)

Delivered all over the Benelux.




The Majestic model offers the option of placing a desk bed in a room with limited width.
Getting in and out is easy.
The bed is attached to the wall.

price from 2 350 euro

burobed R single rood bureau.jpg
burobed R single hout bureau.jpg





The manually tiltable base system ensures easy opening: pull the handle a little towards you, put your feet down and the wall bed does the rest. You have the option to personalize your desk bed by choosing the color of the structure and the color of the front. The metal frame is in white lacquer. Cylinder pumps: included, with retention system


Front: 19 mm chipboard - melamine finish

Sides and frame: 30 mm chipboard - melamine finish


Bed for mattress 140 x 190 cm - H 163 x W 207 x D 34.5 cm

Dimensions Open bed H 163 x W 207 x D 163 cm

Bed for mattress 90 x 190 cm - H 113 x W 207 x D 34.5 cm

Dimensions open bed H 113 x W 207 x D 113 cm

Bed for mattress 90 x 180 cm - H 113 x W 207 x D 34.5 cm

Dimensions open bed H 113 x W 197 x D 113 cm


Bed height 30 cm

Optional mattress 18 cm high. Strap: 2 included - to hold the mattress

Maximum dimensions of the mattress: 90/140 x 180/190 x 20 cm (18 cm high to leave a duvet).

Technical information: Material: structure made of reconstituted wood ensures resistance to any test, melamine chipboard from 19 to 30 mm thick.

Opening: gas spring system to raise and lower the bed quickly and effortlessly. Base opening / closing system: matt brushed metal, manual tilting system.

Assembly by two people and mandatory wall mounting (hooks included).